Isolated Chaos - 1 Year Anniversary!

Isolated Chaos - 1 Year Anniversary!

Seven Years Ago...

Midnight had struck only moments ago on that particular summer's night. A group of teenagers and staff members lay tucked up in their beds, exhausted from a day's activities. In that secluded cabin, hidden away in the middle of a forest miles away from town, I sat on a sofa in the lounge, gazing out of the ceiling-to-floor windows. Staring into the forest – nothing more than a black oblivion, really – I suddenly realised how the trees expelled the moonlight, immersing the cabin in darkness. As I reflected, I recognised that if anything were to go wrong, we would all be isolated and left to manage any issues, dramas and challenges all by ourselves. The responsibility to provide protection and save the day would fall to me.

This is not how my story began. It's where my narrative took its first breath. Ideas inundated my mind, and experiences morphed into exaggerated storylines, unravelling in the most dramatic ways as I allowed my imagination to run wild, getting carried away with the endless possibilities of all the things that could have happened to us.

The storylines just kept coming... This night had unlocked something within me... And I just knew I had to turn it all into a novel. Exactly one year ago, my debut novel, Isolated Chaos, was released!

The Blurb!

Youth Leader Luke and troubled teenager Tai both have the same objective: to complete the Youth United Positively Programme successfully. But while Luke's staff and Tai's fellow team mates are all playing to their own personal agendas, the future of the YUP Programme is under threat, diverting everyone's attention away from something much more sinister... Isolated in the forest and unaware they are targets of something very menacing, everyone is in grave danger.

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Aimed at anyone wanting to escape from reality to get lost in a world of teenage drama, mystery and adventure. Isolated Chaosis available on Amazonas a Paperback and also as an E-Book!