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Your Starting Point

Not everyone needs long-term coaching, but everyone needs a starting point.

Participants who attend this session will:

 Access a personalised, one-off guided session, which invokes deep, insightful and reflective thoughts and conversations.
 Gain insight into the coaching experience.
Begin their journey towards their goals.
Become clear on the areas of their lives which are secure and stable.
 Be empowered to take action to address identified areas of their lives which do not feel secure and stable.

This session is aimed at:

Young people, adults and professionals who want a starting point for independent goal pursuit.
 Anyone wanting a starting point towards building their "best version".
 Anyone wanting support and guidance to explore key areas of their lives in a safe, confidential space.
Those who feel lost, undirected or on the wrong path in life.
Those who are unsure what their barriers to achievement may be, or what is "holding them back".
People who wish to be happier and more content with their life.

You may also find this session useful if you are feeling overwhelmed by life in general and are unsure what goals should take priority.

Additional information:
The duration of this session is approximately 1 hour - 1 hour 15 minutes.