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Resilience & Mindset

Upskilling, motivating and empowering young people.

Children and young people who attend these one-to-one sessions will:

 Boost their confidence and self-esteem, as they identify strengths and skills they have and explore ways of overcoming barriers in order for them to go on to achieve and succeed.
Be supported to focus on and dive deep into key areas of their lives, including school, peer groups and future ambitions, identifying strengths and starting points for the areas identified as requiring development.
Be supported to form a personalised plan of action, allowing them to begin making more positive choices and agree new ways to try to overcome obstacles.
 Understand the importance of having a growth mindset and learn how to apply this independently.
Learn how to use the GROW goal model to manage their own progress towards goals and achievements.
 Explore and develop their emotional resilience.
Explore ways to manage their emotions and responses to triggers.

This session is specifically for children and young people who:

Want to feel empowered to overcome the challenges that stand in the way of their goals.
 Have poor self-esteem and low confidence.
Have a poor sense of identity.
Would benefit from enhancing their resilience and mindset.
Want to feel more equipped emotionally in today's challenging and demanding world.
Stress and worry about things outside of their control.

Additional information:
The duration of each session is 1 hour. There are four sessions in total.

Face-to-face sessions can be considered dependent on location.