At Risk Of Permanent Exclusion

This session supports young people at risk of exclusion to improve their behaviour and make better choices.

Children and young people who attend these one-to-one sessions will:

 Participate in challenging and thought-provoking conversations, getting them thinking about the choices they are making now and how these choices will impact their future.
Understand the importance of a growth mindset and a solutions-focused approach to the challenges between them and their education, whilst exploring and identify solutions and strategies to get them back on track and turn things around.
 Be supported to focus on and dive deep into key areas of their lives, including school, peer groups and future ambitions, identifying strengths and starting points for the areas identified as requiring development, whilst reflecting on barriers to their success.
Be supported to form a personalised plan of action, allowing them to begin making more positive choices and agree new ways to try to overcome obstacles.
Be advised of practical strategies and tools to help them manage challenges.

This session is specifically for children and young people who:

Are regularly being suspended from school.
 Are at risk of permanent exclusion from school.
 Do not see the point of school or education.
Do not recognise the value of school and education.
 Feel unheard and/or unsupported in school.
 Feel unable to change or make better choices.

How do I get started?

Get started by clicking here to schedule your free introductory session, so we can meet each other, explore what you are hoping to achieve through coaching and to discuss the next steps!

Additional information:
The duration of each session is 1 hour. There are two sessions in total.
Face-to-face sessions can be considered dependent on location.