Own your coaching journey with this short-term 4-session package, which explores the GROW goal model and emotional resilience.

£160 (4 x 1 hr sessions)

CV on a desk next to a glass of juice. CV Writing session.CV on a desk next to a glass of juice. CV Writing session.
CV Writing

Using the RTLC template, this guided virtual session is perfect for those looking to elevate their career, open doors and be noticed.

£55 (1 hr session)

Elevate Your Self-Esteem

Elevate your self-esteem, boost your confidence, embrace self-affirmation and prioritise self-care. Redefine your self-worth.

£40 (1 hr 30 mins session)

Your Starting Point

Everyone needs a starting point. This session introduces coaching, identifies strengths, and uncovers barriers to your goals and success.

£50 (75 min session)

Coaching Sessions For Professionals

Navigate your professional ambitions, enhance your skillset and reframe your mindset through powerful conversations.

£50 (1 hr session)

Strategic Mentoring

Training session for new, experienced and aspiring mentors to become upskilled and truly create positive change for young people.

£90 £75 'Just Launched' Price (1 hr 45 mins session)

Coaching Sessions For Adults

It's time to focus on your goals, overcome barriers and develop solutions-focused strategies as you become your best version.

£50 (1 hr session)