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Take Back Control

Strategies for parents of challenging teenagers.

Why attend?

Gain the tools and support you need to reclaim control and rebuild positive relationships with your child.
 Learn strategies to implement at home that will help you navigate misbehaviour and challenging behaviour to foster a harmonious family dynamic.
Understand the importance of setting and managing boundaries and expectations at home.
Feel empowered to manage and resolve conflict effectively.
Feel in control once again.

This session is specifically for parents and carers who:

 Feel that they are not in control in their own home or that there is an imbalance of power and control.
 Feel powerless or unable to implement and manage rules, boundaries and sanctions.
Want a better understanding of their teenager's behaviour and choices.
Want to learn a range of effective communication techniques to help manage challenging teenage behaviour.

You may also find this session useful if you are a Social Worker, Family Support Worker, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Outreach Worker, Mentor, SENDCO, Inclusion Manager, School Attendance Officer, Learning Support Assistant, Teaching Assistant, Youth Worker, Youth Offending Team Worker, or in a similar role.

Additional information:
The duration of this session is 1 hour 30 minutes.