Responding To Mental Health In Teenagers

This session helps parents support their teenager in crisis.

Parents and carers attending this session will:

 Understand what they can do to support their child during the period of time between identifying concerns and their child getting professional help and support.
Explore what mental health is.
 Explore ways to identify poor mental health.
Learn how to respond to poor mental health.

This session is aimed specifically at parents and carers:

 Of children on the dreaded "waiting list".
Of children who do not meet thresholds for CAMHS or other services.
➤ To empower parents and carers with essential strategies and suggestions to proactively support their teenager's mental health, whilst waiting for assessments and interventions from medical professionals to begin, such as CAMHS, the GP or Counselling.
 Who may be worried about their child's mental health.
 Who may feel helpless and "out of their depth".

You may also find this session useful if you are a Social Worker, Family Support Worker, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Outreach Worker, Mentor, SENDCO, Inclusion Manager, School Attendance Officer, Learning Support Assistant, Teaching Assistant, Youth Worker, or in a similar role.

Additional information:
The duration of this session is 45 minutes.
This session is offered in response to the growing numbers of young people who are self-harming and taking their own lives, something I feel quite strongly about preventing as a professional working with children and young people.

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