Consultations For Parents & Carers

I help parents identify solutions to school-related problems.

Why a consultation?

Tailored solutions: Every situation is unique. A one-to-one consultation offers tailored solutions to address specific challenges faced by either you as a parent or your child.
Collaborative exploration: Consultations provide an opportunity for collaborative exploration of your unique circumstances, allowing for a deeper understanding and targeted solutions.
Clear path forward: If you find yourself at a crossroads without a clear path forward, scheduling a consultation can help identify potential directions to pursue.
Positive solutions and next steps: Together, we can work towards discovering positive solutions and identifying actionable next steps to navigate challenges effectively.

What can I offer you in a consultation?

14+ years of experience working with children and young people, and their families. within education and the youth sector.
Professional background in Safeguarding and Child Protection, SEN, Inclusion and Outreach.
Passion to help ensure your child is getting the support they need.
Advise you of solutions and options you may not be aware of.

How do I get started?

Get started by clicking here to schedule your consultation, so we can meet each other, explore what you are hoping to achieve through coaching and to discuss the next steps!

Additional information:
Consultations usually tend to last for around 30 minutes. This gives us enough time to dive into your unique situation and circumstances.

Consultations are offered virtually, allowing you greater flexibility to access your sessions from the comfort of your home and to fit in with your other commitments.