Isolated Chaos - My First Book!

Isolated Chaos - My First Book!

Isolated Chaos is the title of my debut novel, out now on Amazon - available as an E-Book and a Paperback!


Youth Leader Luke and troubled teenager Tai both have the same objective: to complete the Youth United Positively Programme successfully. But while Luke's staff and Tai's fellow team mates are all playing to their own personal agendas, the future of the YUP Programme is under threat, diverting everyone's attention away from something much more sinister... Isolated in the forest and unaware they are targets of something very menacing, everyone is in grave danger.

About The Author

Ross Thompson, author of Isolated Chaos, is a professional with 14+ years of experience working with and supporting children and young people. An established Child Protection Lead and Resilience & Mindset Life Coach originally from Surrey, Ross spent 6 years on-and-off penning his first book, aimed at anyone wanting to escape from reality to get lost in a world of teenage drama and adventure. Ross wrote this story after an idea that came into his mind when he was on a trip away with a group of young people.

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